Verge Center for the Arts and Chef Michael Thiemann present Sacramento's favorite art party, TV DINNER 3!

The evening will kick off with a cocktail hour and live auction preview, followed by a multi-course meal showcasing dishes inspired by both Mother and the new Empress Tavern. This year's dinner will be served in an immersive, video installation drawing on color as its driving theme. A live auction will be held during dinner followed by dessert and dancing.

Don't miss this exciting evening and be sure to don your most vibrant attire as TV Dinner goes color!

WHERE: Verge Center for the Arts, 625 S Street (corner of 7th and S)
WHEN: Saturday, May 30th, 2015. Doors open at 5pm
TICKETS: $150/person. Purchase tickets here:

SPONSORS (list in formation)

Burnett & Mimi Miller
Phil & Marilyn Isenberg
Skip Rosenbloom, Adham Sbeih & John Ingoglia
Phil Cunningham
Gately Foundation
Golden Pacific Bank
Ravel Rasmussen
Sierra Vista Bank
Taylor's Market
3fold Connect
Westcore Properties 
HOST COMMITTEE (list in formation)
Rich Baumhofer 
Colby Campbell
Kirk Dowdell
Gayle & Scott Governar
Mary & Jason Kinney 
Gail Counts Miller
Susan & Gene Moe
Betty & John Moulds
Carlin & Jim Naify
Gloria Naify
Libby & Kevin Sanchez
David & Patti Schwartz
Glenn Sorensen
Paulette & Chuck Trainor
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
WestAmerica Bank
Wood Rogers  

For sponsorship or volunteer opportunities, please email: [email protected] 

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Registration for Kids Summer Studio Camp is now OPEN!

Verge Center for the Arts is happy to announce the launch of our second annual Kids Summer Studio Camp from June 15 through July 10. This is a great opportunity for kids ages 10 to 13 to explore their own artistic abilities, learn to engage with career artists and grow their creative problem solving skills. Participants will be introduced to various means of art-making such as  drawing, sculpture, ceramics and installation art. With the guidance of professional artists students will experience a one week sampler of various mediums and a one week intensive in either ceramics  during session one or environmental sculpture during session two.


Scholarships are available for those demonstrating economic need. For more information on scholarships contact Iulia Bodeanu at [email protected] or 916-448-2985.  

Registration is now open!  

For individual weeks

For two week sessions: 


It is going to be a great summer at Verge!

couchbleachers programming

Exhibition open from January 10th - March 22nd

Friday Lunch Hour Movie (see below for movie listing)
Every Friday - noon - Free

Stories on Stage Presents: Tobias Wolff
1/30/15 - Doors open at 7pm, Program starts at 7:30pm - $10

Feral Art in Sacramento: Bill Burg on the History of Art in the Region
2/4/15 - 6:30pm - $5 suggested donation

Story Time (this one goes out to the kiddos!)
2/8/15 - 11am - Free

2nd Saturday Kiss In
2/14/15 - 6pm to 9pm - Free

The New Group Mess: A Night of Discussion and Oral Histories About the Sacramento Art Scene
2/18/15 - 6:00pm - Free

8th Annual Winter French Short Film Screening
2/21/15 - Doors open at 6pm, films start at 7pm - $15

Verge All Nighter
3/7/15 and 3/8/15 - 8pm - 1am - $5 members / $10 non-members

Story Time Part II (for the kiddos)
3/8/15 - 11am - Free

in Conversation: Nate Page, artist lecture
3/11/15 - 6:30pm - $5 suggested donation

Couch is a Verb: Brett Snyder lecture on the History of the Couch
3/17/15 - 6:30pm - $5 suggested donation



Picks by Verge artists and staff
12pm every Friday

"A Bucket of Blood" (chosen by Bekah Wilson)

"Die Hard" (chosen by Benjamin Della Rosa)

"Big Trouble in Little China" (chosen by Natalie Head)

"Man with a Movie Camera" (chosen by Katie Thomas)

"Repo Man" (chosen by Gioia Fonda)

"Lionman" (chosen by Jose Di Gregorio)

"Fahrenheit 451" (chosen by Ianna Frisby)

"Back to the Future II" (chosen by Kyle Marks)

"Killer of Sheep" (chosen by Liv Moe)

"Inland Empire" (chosen by Susanna Tu)

Current Exhibition: couchbleachers by Nate Page

Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm 


Click here for the complete list of programming during the exhibition.

Verge Center for the Arts
is pleased to present couchbleachers, by Los Angeles based visual and performing artist, Nate Page.

Nate Page is interested in sculpture that goes beyond a purely visual experience. He wants sculpture that can be experienced architecturally — where an individual can touch it, move through it, climb on it, etc. As part of his interest in cross-pollinating accessible and inaccessible spaces, Nate has been working with the idea of seating. Seating invites interaction, but its presence in a gallery space as an art object creates hesitation as to whether audiences can interact with it as art. Nate Page’s couchbleachers are both art object and an interactive, touchable environment.

couchbleachers are accessible to audiences as both art and functional object. The work has an interior that can be entered through a small door at the rear of the base, creating a unique access to the work by addressing the negative space. couchbleachers was designed as a wink at the cultural institution that is “under the bleachers,” where wayward high school students could engage in nefarious activities. The area under the structure is also a unique venue performers may utilize.

Verge will be facilitating a series of community dialogues throughout the run of the exhibition, with the goal of generating a crowd sourced history of contemporary art in the Sacramento region. The inspiration for this effort is a result of our recent merger with the Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento. Facing the couchbleacher installation will be a chronology of art in the Sacramento region with key milestones identified. Viewers will be encouraged to contribute their own stories to the wall either in the form of written notes or oral histories, which will be recorded in our classroom space in the month of February during “The New Group Mess.”

In addition to this history project, we’ll be hosting a series of events and community partnerships to activate the couchbleachers installation. The tentative list of events is listed below. More will be added during the run of the show. Please check back often for the most current list of events.


Opening Reception and Scavenger Hunt

2nd Saturday, January 10, 6-9pm

Friday Lunch Hour Movies

Every Friday at Noon during the run of the exhibition

Tobias Wolff, Presented by Stories on Stage

Friday, January 30, Time TBA


2nd Saturday, February 14, 6-9pm

Story Time (this one goes out to the kiddos!)

Sunday, February 8, 11am

Sacramento French Film Festival Cesar Awards and Winter Shorts Program

Saturday, February 21, time TBA

The New Group Mess

A Night of Discussion and Oral Histories about the Sacramento Art Scene

Wednesday, February 18th, 6-9pm

THE VERGE ALL NIGHTER - slumber party and film festival

Saturday, March 7&8, 8pm til the morning

Wild Card

2nd Saturday, March 14, 6-9pm

Story Time Part II (this one goes out to the kiddos!)

Sunday, March 8, 11am

Crafty Kids Kick Off the Holiday Season

Santa’s Workshop was a great way to kick off the holiday season! Thank you to all the families who came to Verge and made holly garlands, paper snowflakes, Frozen snow globes, paper lanterns and customized wrapping paper prints. Fueled by hot chocolate and apple cider kids spent an afternoon crafting at Verge to the delight of parents and volunteers.

As our gift to you, we want to share some photos of this past weekend’s adventures at Santa’s Workshop!


We look forward to many more opportunities to craft, create and engage at Verge through workshops and classes in the coming year. Will this be the year that the budding artist in you finds a place to grow and explore at Verge? For a complete list of Winter classes check out