Current Exhibition: couchbleachers by Nate Page

Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm 


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Verge Center for the Arts
is pleased to present couchbleachers, by Los Angeles based visual and performing artist, Nate Page.

Nate Page is interested in sculpture that goes beyond a purely visual experience. He wants sculpture that can be experienced architecturally — where an individual can touch it, move through it, climb on it, etc. As part of his interest in cross-pollinating accessible and inaccessible spaces, Nate has been working with the idea of seating. Seating invites interaction, but its presence in a gallery space as an art object creates hesitation as to whether audiences can interact with it as art. Nate Page’s couchbleachers are both art object and an interactive, touchable environment.

couchbleachers are accessible to audiences as both art and functional object. The work has an interior that can be entered through a small door at the rear of the base, creating a unique access to the work by addressing the negative space. couchbleachers was designed as a wink at the cultural institution that is “under the bleachers,” where wayward high school students could engage in nefarious activities. The area under the structure is also a unique venue performers may utilize.

Verge will be facilitating a series of community dialogues throughout the run of the exhibition, with the goal of generating a crowd sourced history of contemporary art in the Sacramento region. The inspiration for this effort is a result of our recent merger with the Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento. Facing the couchbleacher installation will be a chronology of art in the Sacramento region with key milestones identified. Viewers will be encouraged to contribute their own stories to the wall either in the form of written notes or oral histories, which will be recorded in our classroom space in the month of February during “The New Group Mess.”

In addition to this history project, we’ll be hosting a series of events and community partnerships to activate the couchbleachers installation. The tentative list of events is listed below. More will be added during the run of the show. Please check back often for the most current list of events.


Opening Reception and Scavenger Hunt

2nd Saturday, January 10, 6-9pm

Friday Lunch Hour Movies

Every Friday at Noon during the run of the exhibition

Tobias Wolff, Presented by Stories on Stage

Friday, January 30, Time TBA


2nd Saturday, February 14, 6-9pm

Story Time (this one goes out to the kiddos!)

Sunday, February 8, 11am

Sacramento French Film Festival Cesar Awards and Winter Shorts Program

Saturday, February 21, time TBA

The New Group Mess

A Night of Discussion and Oral Histories about the Sacramento Art Scene

Wednesday, February 18th, 6-9pm

THE VERGE ALL NIGHTER - slumber party and film festival

Saturday, March 7&8, 8pm til the morning

Wild Card

2nd Saturday, March 14, 6-9pm

Story Time Part II (this one goes out to the kiddos!)

Sunday, March 8, 11am

Crafty Kids Kick Off the Holiday Season

Santa’s Workshop was a great way to kick off the holiday season! Thank you to all the families who came to Verge and made holly garlands, paper snowflakes, Frozen snow globes, paper lanterns and customized wrapping paper prints. Fueled by hot chocolate and apple cider kids spent an afternoon crafting at Verge to the delight of parents and volunteers.

As our gift to you, we want to share some photos of this past weekend’s adventures at Santa’s Workshop!


We look forward to many more opportunities to craft, create and engage at Verge through workshops and classes in the coming year. Will this be the year that the budding artist in you finds a place to grow and explore at Verge? For a complete list of Winter classes check out

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Current Exhibition: "Many Happy Returns: Celebrating 35 Years of Short Center North"

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm.
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm. 

Second Saturday, November 8th6pm – 9pm.

Verge Center for the Arts is pleased to present Many Happy Returns: a 35 Year Retrospective of Short Center North. Over 200 pieces by artists with developmental disabilities will be on display including work by the Center's first client artist Liz Markham. Going all the way back to 1978, this exhibition will take the viewing public through a chronological survey of more than three decades of work in all genres and mediums including painting, sculpture, animation, assemblage, and fiber arts. Short Center North (SCN) client artist Ellen Bourdreaux will perform live at the opening reception on November 6th. This will be the first time an exhibition of this size or scope has been undertaken for the Center. In addition to the retrospective Verge will be hosting a Pop-Up Shop in our classroom exhibition space offering works for sale in time for the holiday season. 

SCN was founded in 1978 by DDSO and was one of the first day centers in the Sacramento area to employ professional artists as arts mentors for adults with developmental disabilities. The Verge exhibition will include over 120 current and past client artists including Ray Franklin, Jon Espegren, William Haddad, Liz Markham, Lela Hasty, and John Ratto. Many SCN artists have shown extensively throughout the Sacramento region and at national institutions including, The National Folk Art Museum in Washington DC, The Outsider Art Fair in New York City, and Ames Gallery in Berkeley.  Short Center artists have recently been featured in Raw Vision Magazine, the world’s premiere publication of Outsider Art. 

Many notable artists have served as arts mentors at SCN. These artists both past and present include Rory Nakata, Craig Smith, Mark Knott, Steve Vanoni, Stephanie Skalisky, Kim Scott, Valentino Fernandez, Melanie Bown, John Stuart Berger, Skinner, Miguel Paz andBluewater Avery. The staff’s dedication to client artists has been central to the center’s reputation as a visual arts treasure. 

In conjunction with the physical exhibition, Short Center North's parent agency the Developmental Disabled Services Organizations (DDSO), will host an on online exhibition of the retrospective on it's Virtual Feast website,

Two workshops led by SCN professional arts mentors will also be offered at the Verge in conjunction with the show.


For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 916.448.2985.


Everybody loves a Verge party, so mark your calendars and get excited for our first annual Halloween Costume Ball!



An immersive light installation by Rainbow Atomic Prism Light Shows
DJs MC Ham and DJ Gourmet bustin' the spooky jams
Food Trucks 
A costume contest with first place prize $100 cash!

This is a Verge party y'all. Expect no less than.....

Must be 18+ to attend.

WHEN: Friday, October 31st, 8pm - 12am
WHERE: 625 S Street, (corner of 7th and S)
EARLY BIRD PRICE: $35 general / $30 members 

Adventures in Mold Making!

The last weekend of September was jam packed. Junior High kids had a magical time making sculptures out of clay, creating silicone molds and making wire sculptures to frame their multiple wax and plaster casts. We had a very creative bunch who made some amazing sculptures and explored new materials. Artist Terry Peterson guided students through the excitement of mixing and pouring liquid silicone to create custom made molds. Wax was the favorite medium of many for many kids who pushed their creative limits when it came to bringing together the organic and geometric forms they created. The excitement of casting and re-casting was great fun, especially since the kids took the molds home with the intent to make candle and soap forms. 

We have a multitude of classes coming up including our monthly Artaholics! series on Friday, October 17th at 6:30pm with ceramicist Linda Miller. Join us for dressmaking Mary Younakof on Saturday, October 11 and 12 at 12pm. And get ready for the crafting during the holiday season with the Paper Craft Holiday Workshop on Saturday November 15 at 2pm.

Learn and grow with Verge’s art classes and educational opportunities. Class listing and online registration available at