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Verge Center for the Arts needs all the couches in the world but will settle for 50. These couches are needed for our January 2015 exhibition "Couchbleachers," a site-specific installation project created by artist Nate Page. Couches should be clean, bug free, and have cushions. In the event that we absolutely must we will pick them up. Best case scenario, however, would involve a drop off in the course of a larger move. After all...... we do need 50 couches. 

For inspiration on what all these couches will achieve see this video. In the meantime BRING US ALL YOUR COUCHES.

EDGE 916

The Verge Center for the Arts will be the epicenter of Sacramento young professional leadership on Tuesday, September 16, when we play host to Metro EDGE’s 5th birthday celebration EDGE 916!

Join EDGE as they honor 5 years of young professional leadership in Sacramento and look forward to many more.

EDGE would like to thank everyone who has played a role in making our organization successful: EDGE members, local businesses, and all the supportive leaders in the community. The entire Sacramento region has helped build something special in EDGE and this milestone celebration will be one you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy an evening of networking, interactive art, delicious bites and cocktails. EDGE members will be offered a drink free! EDGE is also celebrating September with a special birthday membership rate of $85 - a discount of up to 30 percent!

Buy your tickets now to EDGE 916 and continue to discover the #YearofYP.

Current Exhibition: "343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project" Mary Younakof

Open Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm; Sunday, 12pm - 5pm 

Verge Center for the Arts is pleased to present 343 Dresses: the Chromatic Convergence Project, by Los Angeles based visual and performing artist, Mary Younakof. 

343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project is an interactive art piece that uses color to explore and engage the sprawling Los Angeles metropolis. Central to this project is a dress design that the artist has created and made into 343 separate dresses, each a different color. The project is based on the number seven: the dress itself is comprised of seven pieces and the color palette is based upon seven colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV). The 7 colors extend exponentially into 49 tones equating to a total 343 dresses. 

While the central body of work in this project is the dresses, they only serve to activate a larger art project that includes video, photography, performance, sculpture, installation and interactive art. The performative aspect of this project was an ongoing process in which the artist wore a different dress each day over the course of 343 days. Each week Younakof performed in selected locations throughout Los Angeles that matched the color of the dress she was wearing that day. These happenings have been recorded and placed on the Internet for viewing. The project also made use of social networks to invite the public to virtually follow, view and interact with the project as it progressed.

Mary Younakof is a Los Angeles-based visual artist. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from California State University Los Angeles and a Masters of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design. Her work has been shown in numerous locations around the world. 343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project has been featured in various publications including The Huffington Post, American Contemporary Art Magazine, and a feature in STIR Magazine by Sherwin-Williams. 

For more information, please contact [email protected], or call 916.448.2985.

Verge & CCAS have merged!

Yes, Verge and CCAS have officially merged! Check out the video for details!

Come together and create! Get involved with our kid/adult classes and workshops.

Verge Center for the Arts is expanding its educational offerings! This fall, deepen your connection with art, artists, friends, family and the community through our art enrichment opportunities. We look forward to celebrating with you at our exhibition opening of 343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project, collaborating with you during our monthly Artaholics mixed-media art classes, and connecting with you during our monthly Artists Only Salon

There is so much to learn, see and do at Verge. Discover the process of mold making and sculpture with installation artist Terry Peterson. Dig into clay and create buried treasure with ceramicist Linda Miller. Discover the trill of screen printing your own image with Laura Matranga. Take home a part of the 343 Dress exhibition by participating in a dressmaking workshop with artist Mary Younakof. Verge has a range of classes for kids and adults that will make going back to school a pleasure and allow you to deepen your connection with art. 

Grow, explore and learn at Verge!

For a full list of classes and workshops and to register visit

Verge offers scholarships for kids! We wants to make quality art instruction accessible to all. To learn more email [email protected].