Everyone Can Draw!


Cheselyn Amato




Middle and High School and Adult Students


$15 for members, $20 for non-members

WHEN: June 7th and 14th
TIME: 4:30-6:00pm for Middle and High School Students
7:00-9:00pm for adults
PRICE: $15 per session for members, $20 per session for non-members
INSTRUCTOR: Cheselyn Amato

REGISTER HERE for Middle and High School Students


Everyone can draw! Drawing is a matter of learning how to “look”, “see” , and “take action” with material on a surface. Let go of all your pre-conceptions about what drawing is, whether you can or cannot draw, and your judgments about your own drawing and everyone else’s. Forget about art history and where you fit in or not. Come to the class ready for pure experience, and let me show you when and how to bring discernment, reflection and opinion to looking at and speaking about your own work and that of others.

No previous experience is necessary. This workshop is designed as an introduction for the absolute beginner, and anywhere from a refresher to a way to go deeper for those with prior experience.

Students who are seeking advisement on how to move forward in your own art practice will be invited to bring a portfolio of work for review after each class session. Further classes, workshops and individual tutorials are available upon determination of individual and group needs and wants. While each of the four sessions will build on one another in an accrual manner for those who attend all four, you can attend any one or more sessions as fit into your schedule. This 4-week course taken as a whole or as individual sessions will set you on a path that is right for you that you will be able to continue in a subsequent Verge class, in school and/or at home. All materials included.