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Black Salt Collective will inhabit an architectural manifestation of their interdependent landscapes, where non-linear identity results in atmosphere. When inhabiting SPACE, we reflect on relationship(s) to settler colonialism and its ongoing implications. As guests, we manifest PLACE as a site to present complex narratives that relate through and across time. Our living document subverts the voyeurism of a diorama, complicating viewership, authorship, and gaze.

Black Salt embodies a complex temporality through documentation of spatial environment as a testimony to the living quality of place. This is a site for reflection on what it means to inhabit and create (re)generative space. These are constellations of relation that shape contemporary expressions of resistance, resilience and creative expansion.

Closed for Installation

Our gallery is currently closed for installation. Please join us Saturday, January 13 from 6pm – 9pmĀ for the opening of SPACE AND PLACE by Black Salt Collective. For more details, please click here.

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