Converge – conversations about art by verge.

Converge is a podcast which features conversations about contemporary art and ideas with Sacramento regional artists, art professionals, and art enthusiasts. Hosts Massiel Bobadilla and Justina Martino talk to guests about topics like accessibility in the arts, arts education, artist communities, and so much more.

On Episode 3: Public Art, hosts Massiel Bobadilla and Justina Martino have a conversation with artists, Haley Titus and Jeremy Stanger. Haley and Jeremy discuss their backgrounds in art and design, their collaborative mural process, working with clients, and the importance of creating art in the public realm. They also discuss some of their favorite Sacramento murals and artists they’ve collaborated with to create some of the most recognizable murals in the region. 



On Episode 2: Contemporary Curating, hosts Massiel Bobadilla and Justina Martino have a conversation with art curators, Faith J. Mckinnie and Liv Moe. Faith and Liv discuss their introductions into the art world, how they began curating, and how they approach curating art exhibits. They also shared some of their favorite exhibits, talked about the importance of providing space to traditionally underrepresented artists, and gave some valuable advice to people who are interested in starting a career in the arts. Artists mentioned in this episode include Jupiter, Beth Consetta Rubel, Nathan Cordero, Lin Fei Fei, Vincent Pacheco, Carl Andre, and Ana Mendieta. Art spaces and organizations mentioned in this episode include Artspace 1616, Axis Gallery, Ali Youssefi Project, The Garage on the Grove, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Black Artists Fund, Sacramento Alliance for Regional Art, Dwellpoint, and Verge Center for the Arts.


  Accessible Art Collecting  

On Episode 1: Accessible Art Collecting, hosts Massiel Bobadilla and Justina Martino have a conversation with design professional, Sarah Barkawi, and artist, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, about how art collecting is for everyone. We share tips for how to start your art collection with a small amount of money, how to support artists, and how to engage with your regional art community. We also discuss some of our own experiences with collecting art and share our favorite artworks from our collections that were purchased for under $100. We also answer listener questions about art collecting! Artists mentioned in this episode include Jesse Vasquez, Aida Lizalde, Stefan Burnett, and Natalye Valentina. Art spaces mentioned in this episode include Axis Gallery in Sacramento, CA and The Holland Project in in Reno, NV.