Verge Staff & Board Members

2021 Board of Directors
Gwenna Howard


Renée Carter &
Jayne Rasmussen

Vice President

Phil Cunningham &
Rich Simpson


Betty Moulds


Jesse Powell


Sarah Barkawi
Richard Baumhofer
Darrene Hackler
Phil Isenberg
Sandra Kopp
Catherine Ann Miller
Gail Counts Miller
Carlin Naify
Gloria Naify
Wendy Nelson
Manuel Fernando Rios
Paulette Trainor
Ladi Youssefi
Liv Moe

Founding Director

Amy Greer

Deputy Director
and Education Manager

Ann Andreazzi

Office Manager

Massiel Bobadilla

Development Manager

Justina Martino

Public Engagement
and Outreach Manager

Mike Cunningham

Events and Facilities

Estathea Lyons

Education Associate

Macey Michaelson

Education Associate

Anna Morales

Education Associate

Kiana Morgan

Gallery Associate and Preparator