Slant Step Forward Film Screening & Student Spotlight

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Slant Step Forward exhibition related 16mm double feature: Five Artists: BillBobBillBillBob and The Great Blondino

Works from the Slant Step-inspired multiples exchange between California State University Sacramento and Virginia Commonwealth University students

Hosted by curator, Francesca Wilmott
Films from the Canyon Cinema Foundation
Projectionist, Dan Janos

Thursday, October 17, 2019

From 6:30-7:30 pm, Verge will have a special spotlight of the collaborative Slant Step-inspired works made by students in the class of professors Summer Ventis at CSUS and Brooke Inman at VCU. The cross-country multiples exchange also opens at VCUarts Anderson Gallery in Richmond, VA on the same evening.

The film program begins at 7:30 pm and includes an introduction by Liv Moe and Francesca Wilmott, and remarks by Ethan Wiley, son of Dorothy Wiley and William T. Wiley.

Five Artists: BillBobBillBillBob is a personal look at the lives of five California painters, sculptors and filmmakers at home with their families, at work in the studio, teaching, fishing, drawing, attending parties, openings, etc. The sound is a collage of commentary and music by the artists mixed with impressions from friends and acquaintances.

Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, USA, 1971, 1 h 10m

The Great Blondino follows an anachronistically attired young fellow as he navigates a beguiling, sometimes troubling world with a curiosity that opens us wide to the filmmakers’ inspired, freeform vision. Shooting without script, story, or any narrative preconception, Robert Nelson and William Wiley created a masterwork of 1960s independent cinema.

Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley, USA, 1967, 42m


Student spotlight is free and open to all

Purchase tickets for the films at, calling (916) 448-2985, or by visiting the gallery

Free for Verge Members with advanced registration
$9 General Admission
$7 Seniors/Students