Slant Step Forward Exhibition Related Double Feature. Hosted by Slant Step Forward Curator, Francesca Wilmott.

BillBobBillBillBob is a personal look at the lives of five California painters, sculptors and filmmakers at home with their families, at work in the studio, teaching, fishing, drawing, attending parties, openings, etc. The sound is a collage of commentary and music by the artists mixed with impresses from friends and acquaintances.

Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, USA, 1971, 1 h 10m

The Great Blondino¬†follows and anachronistically attired young fellow as he navigates a beguiling, somethings troubling world with a curiosity that opens us wide to the filmmakers’ inspired, freeform vision. Shooting without script, story, or any narrative preconception, Robert Nelson and William Wiley created a masterwork of 1960s independent cinema.

Robert Nelson, USA, 1967, 42m