Two women, on has head on the others shoulder. Both are wrapped in colourful cloth. Title reads Contemporary Craft

Conversations with Artists: Contemporary Craft

July 28, 2021
4pm PST

Conversations with Artists is a virtual interview series to complement and promote the in-person Sac Open Studios tour. During this series, which is free to the public, regional art professionals interview Sac Open Studios artists about their artwork, inspirations, processes, and more. Each artist interview is recorded live for a virtual audience and will last approximately 15 minutes. This session features 5 Sac Open Studios artists who explore textiles, wearable art, and more.

Featured Artist:
Jeleana T. Coleman-Johnson
Janine Mapurunga / Maria Canta
Roma Devanbu
Neal Uno
Molly Stuart

Featured Image: Artwork Janine Mapurunga