September Artists’ Salon: Excess, Waste & the Obsolete

September 19, 2019

Verge Center for the Arts opens its gallery every 3rd Thursday from 5:30-7 for the Artists’ Salon: A group open to the public where we discuss one or various themes, artists, or topics in contemporary art.

Join us this September 19th to discuss the topic of “Excess, Waste & the Obsolete.” From minimalism to social practice art often makes use of toxic materials and creates or is made of waste, but is art exempt from environmental responsibility or should it be a response to it and a call to protect the earth? What parts of the artworld define or are influenced by the concept of the obsolete?

Reference Materials:


Mary Mattingly Owns Up

El Anatsui: Studio Process | Art21 “Extended Play”


Plastic Capitalism Traces the Phenomenon of “Waste Art”

“Trash Talks”
A Blog Series on Our Everyday Encounters with Hazardous Waste


Miguel Rivera, Tim Noble and Sue Webster

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Image Credit: El Anatsui