THE art auction

Saturday November 19
$100 Week of event

Join Verge Center for the Arts on Saturday, November 19th, for THE art auction! Spotlighting emerging and established artists, THE art auction is an opportunity for new collectors to begin their collections.

A VIP reception for sponsors is from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. The evening begins at 6:00pm with two silent auction lots followed by a live auction at 8:00pm. Among the more than 60 artists whose work will be auctioned are: Gioia Fonda, Stephen Kaltenbach, Gale Hart, Nathan Cordero, Mark Bowles, and Camille VandenBerge. In addition to individual artist donations, THE art auction will also feature works from the collections of Sacramento art patrons. TICKETS

Savvy collectors can also grab pieces by renowned artists and discover new talent. Enjoy delicious bites and drinks while selecting works by the region’s premier artists.

THE art auction ticket holders and Verge members are invited to attend a reception and auction preview at Verge on Second Saturday, November 12th.

Verge’s events are known for their unusual themes and unequaled experiences, and are part of a cultural movement in Sacramento that helps maintain local talent, attract national attention, and bring revenue to the city. By supporting creative talent in our region through collaborative artist studios, music, film, and food events, Verge is doing its part to make Sacramento a cultural destination. Your sponsorship will help ensure the success of Verge’s programming, including our Kids Summer Studio Camp and exhibition programming.

Last year’s auction was a great success so you’ll want to secure your spot as a sponsor, or become part of our host committee right away! All your friends will know you’re a supporter of the hippest arts center in town!

Get your tickets today! 

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS:  Suzanne Adan • Amy Amini • Phil Amrhein • Jamie Angello • Melissa Arendt • Sandra Beard • Sean Bill • Mark Bowles • Dani Bronson • Frank Brooks • Susan Cawthon • Doug Clayton • Ilah Rose Cookston • Nathan Cordero • Julia Couzens • Roma Devanbu •  Rhonda Egan • Jon Espegerza • Kate Farrall • Tom Fillebrown • David Fiveash • Gioia Fonda • John Yoyogi Fortes • Jacob Fossum • Frankie •  Richard Gilles •  Ray Gonzales • Chelsea Greninger • Gale Hart • Steve Hayhurst • Natalie Head • Robin Hill • Kristen Hoard • Heather Hogan • Diana Holt • Bethanie Humphreys • Judy Jacobs • Sheila Mun Jacobs • Daniel Johnston • Christopher Jones • Heather Judy • Stephen Kaltenbach • Jackie Keller • Mary Kercher • Maya Kini • Judy Knott • John Krempel • Jackie LaFleur • Roslain Lee • Terry Lee • Ann Leese •  Ingrid Lundquist • Michelle MacKenzie • Edwin Maguire • Pat Mahony • Lisa Marasso • Patrick Marasso • Bob Miller • Cherilyn Naughton • Rhett Neal • Erik Niemann • Linda Nunes •  Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor • Pat Orner • Henry Parada • Patris • Ron Peetz • Jennifer O’Neill Pickering • Kottie Paloma • Janet Regan • Manuel Fernando Rios • Tyson Anthony Roberts • Natalie Sakurai • Susan Silvester •  Maria Soto • Michael Stevens • Emily Swinsick • Charles Stroh • Emily Swinsick • Tricia Talle • Leslie Thompson • Donco Tolomanoski • Sue Torngren •  Bryan Valenzuela • Abigail VanCannon • Camille VandenBerge • Peter VandenBerge • Anthony Venturelli • Katherine Venturelli • Lora Weber  • Gina Werfel • Jean Wiley • Danielle Wogulis • Randy Won • Ulysses Wong


BENEFACTOR: Burnett & Mimi Miller


PATRON: Nancy and Fred Teichert, Kip and Jean Wiley, Ali Youssefi

HOST COMMITTEE: Ginny and Phil Cunningham • Marilyn and Phil Isenberg • Marcy and Steve Mills • Gail Counts Miller and Bob Miller • Elizabeth and John Moulds • Ali Nadimi • Carlin and Jim Naify • Gloria Naify • Denise and Donald Timmons • Darrene Hackler and Chris Hoene

AUCTION COMMITTEE: Sarah Barkawi, Chair • Gail Counts Miller • Carlin Naify • Gloria Naify • Libby Sanchez • Paulette Trainor

Phil Isenberg, President • Elizabeth Fry Moulds, Vice President • Darrene Hackler, Treasurer • Gloria Naify, Secretary • Sarah Barkawi • Richard Baumhofer • Renee Carter • Karin Caves • Phil Cunningham • Sandra Kopp • Burnett & Mimi Miller • Catherine Ann Miller • Gail Counts Miller  • Ali Nadimi • Carlin Naify • Jesse Powell • Skip Rosenbloom •  Libby Sanchez • Jon Stevenson • Paulette Trainor • Jiayi Young • Ali Youssefi


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