TV Dinner: Saturday Night Live (Stream)

April 25, 2020

Log in, turn up the volume, and enjoy a virtual night among friends as we turn TV Dinner into a Saturday Night Live Stream on April 25, 2020. Set to the tune of some throwback jams, be sure to catch our fearless leader, Liv Moe, as we go live at 5:00 PM to usher in the final hours of our online auction. While we can’t be together in person, we can certainly dance enthusiastically in our respective living rooms and bid to support Verge.

Social distancing may be keeping us apart, but we’re not going to let that stop us from maintaining the ties that matter to us most. That’s why we’re giving TV Dinner a revamp and taking our favorite spring event online.

Tune In!

Special thanks to our 2020 sponsors!

Ravel Rasmussen Properties Ÿ· Denise & Donald Timmons

Ginny & Phillip Cunningham Ÿ· Mimi Miller

Paloma-Lisa Begin Ÿ· Claudia Coleman Ÿ· Gwenna & Dan Howard Ÿ· Gloria Naify Ÿ· SolutionsWest Ÿ· Gail Counts Miller & Bob Miller

Elizabeth Moulds Ÿ· Paulette & Chuck Trainor


Paulette Trainor, committee chair

Gail Counts Miller · Gloria Naify · Jayne Rasmussen

With gratitude to:

ŸMatt Maxwell Video Ÿ· Joel Goulet