Kids & Teens

Verge Kids Camp (6-7 year olds)

June 15th-19th & July 6th-10th, 2020
Leah Florence's art, collage featuring young boy painted in red superimposed over a green background with children's blocks spelling out a partially blocked word "playtime"

Join Verge for Kids Summer Camp and learn about multi-media art with teaching artist Leah Florence. These two weeks of camp are designed for 6-7 year olds to learn and explore various art techniques.

Verge Kids Camp (8-10 year olds)

June 22nd-26th & July 27th-31st, 2020

Join Verge this summer for a camp specifically designed with 8-10 year olds in mind. Explore multimedia printmaking with teaching artist Chaitra Bangalore.


June 22nd, 2020-Through July

After extensive consideration for the health and safety of the Verge community, we have decided to switch the direction of our camps into an online experience. Learn more about our online camps here!

Verge Teen Curatorial Collective


The Verge Center for the Arts Teen Curatorial Collective is a new program whose purpose is to provide training and resources for Sacramento youth to enter the professional environment of arts and cultural institutions.

Girl Scouts Pottery Badge

Weekends from 1-3pm

Come to our workshop to earn your pottery badge! By appointment only, email to book.

Art Activity & Tour at Verge

contact for booking

Looking for a fun activity for a birthday party? Need a new idea for team building at the office? Want your homeschoolers to learn more about art? Book a tour and art activity with Verge!