Coptic Bookbinding

instructor: Nikki Thompson

category: Book Arts

for: Adults

price: $60

Learn how to stitch a simple but elegant and non-adhesive bookbinding!

Developed in the fourth century, possibly earlier, this simple but elegant structure appears like continuous chain stitches that link across the exposed spine of the book.Because of the non-adhesive nature of the Coptic book, this is a popular structure among contemporary bookbinders. We will learn to make signatures (folded paper) and paper covers, pierce sewing stations, and bind or sew the book.

You will need a bone folder, awl, and needle, X-acto knife, ruler, cutting matte, scissors, and pencil (if you do not already have these the instructor will have them available for you to borrow).


DATE: October 20th from 10:00am-1:00pm

PRICE: $60

INSTRUCTOR: Nikki Thompson