Hand Lettering Basics Workshop

instructor: Derek McDonald

category: Painting

for: Teens & Adults

price: $60 Verge Members, $80 non-members


Explore the skills of hand-lettering and the nostalgia of sign painting with Derek McDonald from Golden West Sign Arts and create something equally representative of the commercial landscape of our city and the design fundamentals of typography. In this class you will learn fundamental brush stroke practice, constructing and lettering a couple different fundamental letter styles (alphabets), and practice hands on making our own hand lettering sign. 

About the instructor:

Derek McDonald is the painter and shop owner of Golden West Sign Arts. He specializes in traditional hand painted signs and design ranging from gold leaf gilding and painted window signs to custom logo and sign design. His vintage design focuses on using paint, brushes, and pencils instead of computers and creating timeless and classic designs. He has taught classes at Pixar and works our of the Reno, the Bay Area and Sacramento.

WHEN: Thursday May 2nd, 2019

TIME: 6pm – 8pm

PRICE:  $60 Verge Members, $80 non-members

WHERE: Verge’s Classroom

WHO: Teens & Adults