Monotype Printmaking: The Painterly Print Process

instructor: Katherine Venturelli

category: printmaking, myrtle press

for: Adults

price: $80 Registration plus $25 for materials


Come and playfully learn the basics of a low tech and innovative painterly printmaking
process called monotype. Monotypes are unique prints made by the direct transfer of an
image. This easily accessible medium allows both novices and experienced artists of all
ages to create finished images in relatively few steps.

In this hands-on experience, workshop participants will develop an understanding of
fundamental printmaking terms, materials, and inking techniques using oil-based inks
with non-toxic clean-up. We will focus on both spontaneous and methodical
approaches to the medium. Demonstrations will include the use of the etching press,
printing by hand, and experimentation with textures and collage materials.
In a relaxed atmosphere, with support and encouragement, you will realize your own
personal artistic intent and expression of ideas and images.

All levels welcomed!

About the instructor: Katherine Venturelli, is an artist and instructor nationally recognized for unique artist books and fine prints produced from her printmaking studio in Amador County. Her work is represented in many prestigious collections including the SF Palace Legion of Honor: the Getty Museum; and the Crocker Art Museum. Over 40 years as an arts educator, Katherine has been able to share her passion for the monotype printmaking process.

WHEN: Saturday, March 23, 2019

TIME: 10 am to 4:30 pm

WHERE: Myrtle Press (back of Verge Center for the Arts)

$80 registration fee plus $25 paid to the instructor for materials