upcoming classes

Japanese Side-bound Books

September 7th 10AM -1PM

Learn three Japanese side-bound book with Nikki Thompson from Deconstructed Artichoke Press.

PPL, Screen Printing for All Ages

September 28th 2-5PM

The PPL (Portable Printmaking Lab) trailer will arrive at Verge for three visits starting on August 24th. This fold out printmaking lab is a mobile printmaking studio where students can learn the basics of screen printing.

Linocut Relief Printmaking

October 13th & 20th 10am-1pm

This is an introductory workshop in linocut printmaking with Sandy Fong Whetstone

Drawing into the Print with Drypoint

November 2nd & 9th 10am-4pm

This is a two session class where you where you will learn the intaglio technique of drypoint. Class includes the fundamentals of plate-making, use of simple drypoint tools, inking, press printing techniques, and more!

Accordion Books Workshop

November 23rd - 10am-1pm

Learn how to make accordion books, flag books, and envelope books with Nikki Thompson!