Notebooks of a Body

Visual arts from current UC Davis students in the Master of Fine Arts Program

June 1 - August 12, 2018

reception: June 1, 2018, 6pm-9pm

Featured artists: Bailey Anderson, Julian Childs-Walker, Adam Cochran, Rachel Deane, Sarah Frieberg, Brooklynn Johnson

Verge Center for the Arts is pleased to present Notebooks of a Body, an exhibition showcasing the work of first year Graduate MFA students from the studio program of the Department of Art and Art History at UC Davis.
Expanding on the tradition of the MFA program’s annual show, this exhibition highlights the dynamic nature of UC Davis’ graduate program in the arts. Notebooks of a Body points to the artworks functioning as a collection of notes regarding the experiences of the body. Notebooks connote research, records, and progressions, reflecting the function of a single art piece in the span of an artist’s practice.

Showcasing the culminating work of first-year MFA students, the exhibition features a wide range of media including Bailey Anderson’s sculptures which reflect an investigation into identity, balance, frailty, and tension in regard to contemporary Feminism; painting by Adam Cochran which explores the elusive promises of The American Dream; installation and paintings by Rachel Deane that aim to provide the opportunity for empathetic growth; alchemical sculpture by Sarah Frieberg; and Brooklyn Johnson’s installations and paintings that expressionistically simulate nature.

Artist Information

The MFA in Art Studio engages students in a two-year, critically engaged studio program that provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary study in the visual arts. The MFA degree in Art Studio at UC Davis demands the highest level of professional competency in the visual arts and contemporary practices. Students explore a wide range of media and approaches to studio practice. Drawing on the strengths of a multidisciplinary research campus, the program encourages research collaborations connecting the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.