Tricia Talle

Tricia Talle is an artist, educator, farmer and activist. She enjoys exploring many mediums, so her work is not often identifiable. Her deep love of nature is a common theme in her work. Believing that water is “the lifeblood of the planet”, it remains a strong inspiration for much of her art-making. As a participant in the Art Hotel 916 project, Talle took on the task of educating the public to the dangers of hydraulic fracturing. She floated clear acetate strips in a bathtub of tainted water, penned with the myriad of toxic chemicals, injected and dangerously close to drinking water by “Frackers”.  She drew a US map, marking the million plus existing wells, state by state, along with the proposed future wells.

In the hall entry way to the Anti Fracking installation she attempted to recreate the feeling of the Gerber dump (EB Savage) in 16 square feet. She hung, stacked and collaged, from floor to ceiling, sorted discarded items (boots, electronics, toys, eyeglasses, etc) along with photos of the much loved artist/maker’s playground.

Always involved with art communities, Tricia Talle has been affiliated locally with Broderick Art Collective, Stucco Factory, Horse Cow, Primal Urge Arts Journal, as Co-Director of BrickHouse Gallery, and currently maintains a studio at Verge Center for the Arts.

Talle designed moving billboards and murals for the clients of Ferrari Color Photolab, winning several awards in the process, as well as receiving public mural commissions by Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission. Additionally she has taught at ARC, (Art New Media 2002-2006), and at SCC (Graphic Communication, 2002-present).